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If your business relies on hydraulic power; you can Depend on USA Hydraulics


We specialize in top to bottom hydraulic system rebuilds and repairs including, but not limited to; electrical system design and repair, hydraulic cylinder, pumps, motors and valve replacement or repair.

Whenever possible we manufacture our own replacement components. This allows us to maintain quality when dealing with the tight tolerances necessary to achieve maximum hydraulic efficiency.

This is where our core team of professional hydraulic specialists really come into play. Be it testing, welding, machining, troubleshooting, system design, parts location or customer service; we have key people in each of those area to address any hydraulic questions of concerns.

We utilize One-of-a-Kind, custom built test stations that have the ability to recreate and hydraulic situation on most any piece of equipment. This give us the capability to troubleshoot components under load and accurately identify the root cause of any issue.

We incorporate State-of-the-Art QR code technology on our cylinders to track every aspect of each cylinder that leaves our shop. This QR Code technology allows the end user to simply scan the label and recover repair history of a particular component serviced or manufactured by USA Hydralics.

Having this information ahead of time greatly increases turn around time.

Another example of our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction.

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