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If your business relies on hydraulic power; you can Depend on USA Hydraulics

Our Services include:

 Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

 Power Unit Repair



 Preventative Maintenance

Custom Designed Power Units & Supporting Electrical Systems

 Complete Electrical Repair Services

 In-house Custom Machining & Fabricating


 Full Machine Rebuilds

 Safety Upgrades

 Custom Control Panels

 Drives AC & DC All HP's


 In-house Training

 Start-up / Commissioning

 Operator Interfaces

Our Capabilities

Any hydraulic repair is only as good as the technicians doing the work and the components they are using to get the job done.

We have a team of well seasoned professional technicians, machinists, welders and support people to not only get your job done, but to get it done right the first time.

We understand when your equipment is down, so is your business. We work fast and meticulously to get your equipment up and running in the shortest time-frame possible.

Our parts department manager has more than 27 years experience not only sourcing the best components and companies for your job but also developing quality co-operative relationships with our top-notch suppliers.

Hydraulic cylinder repair components are constantly improving. New innovation in seal materials make them last longer and wear better. Some manufacturers are better at some components while the same company may not do as well as one of its competitors on others.

At USA Hydraulics, we don't lock ourselves into specific vendors, instead we source the best components for your particular job, opposed to selling you whatever we may have on the shelf.

We also fabricate our own glands, pistons, rods, barrels and other parts from raw steal whenever possible to make certain the finished cylinder meets our strict tolerances crucial for reliable hydraulic service.

This xx also saves you; our customer money and shortens our overall turnaround time.

The end result is a cylinder that is as good and in most cases better than the O.E.M. and delivered on-time and on budget.

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

We offer a full machine shop with the capabilities of honing cylinders to +/- .003"  and up to 30 ft long.

Electrical Services

Machine down time, slow production output and energy efficiency problems are some of the issues we are equipped to help you address. In these tough economic times let us propose cost effective solutions tailored specifically for your application and needs.

We offer a wide variety of State-of-the-Art control systems using various manufacturers and technology levels to accommodate all types of machines.

We are also able to upgrade the electrical and hydraulic components of existing equipment and systems, vastly improving its performance and reliability.

Let us take a look and offer our recommendations; you'll be glad you did.

We zero in on every detail necessary to upgrade your machine so it's more efficient and easier to maintain.


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